Notice of Commencement
Wintermere Pointe Road Re-Paving Project

June 30, 2020
The time has finally come to repave our community roads. Work will commence the week of July 6th to correct some of the valley gutters due to drainage issues and severe cracks. Milling of the roads will begin on July 13th and finish on July 14th. The repaving will be done from July 15th-17th. Attached are detailed instructions by the Engineer overseeing the project and the subcontractor, Seminole Asphalt Paving, Inc.

This is an investment that the Association has been setting funds aside in our reserves, however, it is the most costly investment that will be made since the community was developed.

It is extremely important that you take a moment to read the information regarding the process and what is expected of all of us for this project to be successful.

Please be advised that any damage done to vehicles and towing services required due to non-compliance will be at the owner’s expense.

READ: Wintermere Pointe Bulletin 6-30-20 PDF

READ: Seminole Asphalt Paving Inc.Bulletin 6-30-20 PDF

READ: Repaving Schedule Map


Scheduled Zoom meeting for Board Members and Residents:
July 15, 2020 6:30PM
Meeting ID: 943 1771 1267
Password: 213913

(No in person meetings until further notice)
Southwest Property Management
13350 W Colonial Dr Suite 330
Winter Garden, FL 34787
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(No in person meetings until further notice)
Winter Garden City Hall
300 W Plant St
Winter Garden, FL 34787
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Board Members:
RoseMarie Aldred, President
Marla Gould, Vice President
Adam Kingsley, Treasurer

General board members:
Carlton Brown
John DiSalvo

Friendly Reminder

It’s the responsibility of all Wintermere Pointe H.O.A. members to maintain their property in accordance with the community’s Covenants and Restrictions.

Mailbox Maintenance and Repairs:
Mailboxes should be painted and/or repaired as needed. This includes straightening mailboxes and securing them in the ground. Please keep in mind and ARC request must be submitted to replace a mailbox.

Driveway, Homes and Sidewalk Maintenance*:
Driveways, sidewalks, fences and homes must be cleaned to avoid mold and mildew build-up. In the event you do not with to pressure wash, there are other environmentally safe alternatives to cleaning the mold and mildew away. All paint requests must be submitted for ARC approval.

Lawn and Weed Maintenance:
Lawns should be mowed and maintained. This includes weeds both in the yard and in the beds. Hedges are to be kept trimmed and are prohibited from growing taller than the perimeter wall.

*Note, there is a City of WInter Garden Ordinance that also prohibits mold and mildew build-up on your property.

There is other valuable information on South West’s Property Management website at for our members. 

Please be aware of wildlife in the area!

Lauren Barth, Wildlife Assistance Biologist, Northeast Region, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), has sent some important information to pass along that may be helpful to our residents.


COYOTES 4/24/19: Please be advised that coyotes have been reported on camera video running in front of houses late at night.

BEARS 1/7/19: Please be advised that a bear has been reported in Phase 1 near Cypress View Court in the hours after midnight. The bear has been raiding trash cans. Trash cans should be stored in garages until collection days to prevent food attraction issues.

GATORS 7/20/17: Please be advised that we are aware of a few large gators in the lake behind Grove View Drive. We had contacted the appropriate agency regarding them. Please let your neighbors know to be extra cautious with pets and children and not go near the lake or fish off the bank. They may also be traveling through the sewer system to the bodies of water in our community so please keep an eye out.


The Board and all your other neighbors appreciate your sense of community spirit indicated by your efforts to keep ourneighborhood of which you can be proud. THANK YOU!

The Board will continue to actively enforce the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions. If you are unsure of the Rules & Regulations for the Association, please refer to Articles VI, Restrictive Covenants.

Read More: acrobat_icon March 2018 Housekeeping Letter


Listed below are Water Conservation and Recycling documents:

acrobat_icon Water Conservation Program

acrobat_icon Water Conservation Tips

acrobat_icon Rain Sensor Savings

acrobat_icon Irrigation Rules

acrobat_icon Residential Recycling Program

acrobat_icon Recycling Items

acrobat_icon Solid Waste Regulations


At both entrances to Wintermere Pointe it is plainly signed “NO SOLICITING”. If someone approaches your door soliciting, please instruct them there is no soliciting in our community. Then call the Winter Garden Police. As part of the “neighborhood Watch” program, they will be only too happy to come out to our community. Winter Garden Police – (407) 656-3636 OR 911.

Check Your License Plates

Remember to periodically check your license plate. Mine was switched sometime in the last couple of months and I did not realize it until I received a toll violation notice from E-Pass that someone with my tag # was running toll booths. When I checked my vehicle, I saw that the tag did not match my registration. The tag office issued a new tag and I filed a police report w/ WGPD. Most auto parts stores sell special locking bolts for license plates.

Help Minimize Crime

Every time the Winter Garden Police Department visits our HOA Meetings they remind us that one of the easiest ways to minimize crime in our neighborhood is to keep your vehicles locked. Even if your vehicle is locked it’s also a good idea not to leave valuables, pocket books, wallets, and purses in plain sight. It’s best not to leave any valuables in your vehicle.